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Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement – nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

This is what computing society is all about.

Don’t let the bear reverse your gear.

ENCRYPT – The Tech Society of CVS welcomes you all to the idiosyncratic world of TECHNOCRATS. The world where you can ordeal the power of tech in a most exceptional, fascinating and riveting manner. We provide you with the manifesto where one can nurture their skills and gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience that we visage in unison.

A place where all budding technicians and other pundits who wish to excel in any field in this techno-abutting world are welcomed.

Encrypt CVS illuminate students about the different and unique ways of developing codes, programming and making every student self-sufficient enough in dealing with various aspects of the world because
It is the place where knowledge and skills shake hands together for better understanding and development.

with all the exemplary zest and zeal.

We assure you to take you to an unparalleled journey,
Where you gonna make the most cherishing memories of your life.



We are a team of no of students members, who work tirelessly and enthusiastically towards making a mark on this technology-driven world.

From organizing tech debates, code hunts to gaming events, we have something in store for everyone.

We thrive to brush-up our skill-set and proficiency whether it is tech-based or interpersonal skills, through combined efforts of the whole team. Hence, providing everyone an opportunity to get a head start in this technically advanced era.

Codotsav '19

No matter if you happen to be jejune-tedious persona or the intrepid- jolly person.
We welcome all the Gallant gamers, coders, tech wizards, budding debaters, marvel stunners, and travesty members.

We welcome you all
For we are offering something which will bring you back in a real dimension or at least pull you out of tiny rooms into the true battlefield.

Let’s get ready to prepare our ambit of tincture.

Join the voyage with all the exemplary zeal and zest.

‘New thoughts and a whole new evocation.



Encrypt: The technical society of the College of Vocational Students
Computer Science Department


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Address: Triveni, Sheikh Sarai-II, New Delhi 110017
Phone: (+91) 9599 4419 23